RISC OS 3.10 & RISC OS 3.11 reassembly, all patch and build code (c) S. Harrison 2020

This is a fully re-assemblable, disassembly of RISC OS 3.1 Core + UtilityModule, using the ARM BASIC V assembler, with module chain builder and patcher, enabling anyone with a 4mb RISC OS 3 computer (or emulator) to create and build a fully functional RISC OS ROM, identical to RISC OS 3.10, 3.11 or customised as you like. The re-assembly code includes my build-time and run-time patch code allowing all modules, including CLib and C-utilising modules, to be relocated anywhere in the module chain. I have not yet commented this disassembly - so don't jump in expecting everything to be fully explained, in fact you'll be lucky to find many comments at all. My intention was to create an easily re-assemblable RISC OS 3.1 "source" which anyone can edit and tweak for fun...and that is what this is.

To use, decompress this Zip archive on a RISC OS 3.1 computer, and run the "ExtractMod" tool, to extract the RISC OS modules. Then simply run the "RunMe" file, and it will build you a RISC OS 3.10/3.11 or custom 3.12 (with user-defined module list) ROM image suitable for use in an emulator. I've also included a tool called "ROMstripe" which will convert the newly built ROM image into 2 or 4 EPROM images ready for burning and use on real hardware.

Download here

*NOTE* this archive does not contain the RISC OS 3.1 ROM, or the ability to build it from scratch. You must use the tool "ExtractMod" on a computer (or emulator) fitted with the original RISC OS 3.10 or RISC OS 3.11 ROMs, in order to extract the 87 modules needed to build the full RISC OS ROM.

v1.00 29/Sept/20 all patch and build code (c) S. Harrison, 2020