QTMTracker v1.49 [13th May 2023] *NOW AVAILABLE*

Welcome to QTheMusic (QTM), the ProTracker / FastTracker / StarTrekker music module player for RISC OS computers.

QTM v1.49 is the first full release of QTM since v1.45 back in 2013, with many more programmer features/improvements, bug fixes and full ProTracker 2.3d compatibility.

QTM will play music from any 4, 6 or 8 channel ProTracker/FastTracker compatible music module, in the background, while you use RISC OS. To get QTM, download the QTM zip file to your RISC OS computer, then decompress on the RISC OS desktop, using !SparkFS (from here). To use QTM, just run !QTMmini or double click any ProTracker/StarTrekker file (filetype should be set to &CB6). !QTMmini can also play directories of music tracks in a "juke box" style, just drag a directory containing music onto !QTMmini's iconbar icon. Also, try out QTM's tracker display - select "Display" from !QTMmini's iconbar menu (works with directory-play), or run !QTMdisply. For coders, example programmes including a BASIC "juke box" routine, are provided in the "Extras" directory.

Download v1.49 here:

qtmv1-49.zip 332918 bytes
qtm v1.49 readme.txt 4634 bytes

Older versions:

qtmv1-45.zip 259165 bytes
qtm v1.45 readme.txt 4355 bytes

QTMTracker is (c) S. Harrison 1993-2023 and is a freeware release for RISC OS